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Finnish Science Fiction Resources Page

A Few Words in English

..for you furriners about the contents of these Finnish science fiction pages. Most of the stuff in these pages is written in Finnish, which may cause some trouble for non-Finnish speakers.

But for starters, take a look at Ben Roimola's article A Short Look at Finnish Fandom, which gives a good overall view on sf-culture in Finland.

SF-Societies' Pages

Many Finnish towns have their own sf-societies: Helsinki, Jyväskylä, Kuopio, Tampere and Turku.

Universities of Helsinki and Turku have also sf-clubs.

Finnish Science Fiction Writers have their own www-page, as well as Finnish Tolkien Society, Tähtiallianssi (Star Wars fans).

From those pages you'll find basic information, like contact addresses, times and places of meetings and other activities, and info about fanzines.


There are no professional sf-magazines in Finland, but the biggest fanzines Portti, Tähtivaeltaja and Spin are of professional quality, publishing both original Finnish and translated stories, articles, comics and so on. Aikakone magazine is nowadays published only in www.


From the Finnish SF-FAQ you'll find sf-societies' and fanzines' postal-, email- and www-addresses, phone numbers, meeting times and places, and other info. Forthcoming sf-happenings in Finland are also listed there. If you are looking for Finnish sf-fandom addresses or contacts, this is the place to look at first!

SF-Bibliogaphy and lists

The bibliography is a quite comprehensive listing of science fiction, fantasy and horror literature published in Finland.

Bibliography: A-D, E-H, I-L, M-P, Q-T, U-Ö

There are separate lists for Finnish short stories published in collections and anthologies and in sf-fanzines. Also listed are translated short stories published in collections and anthologies and in sf-fanzines.


Planning a trip to Finland next summer? In that case, check Finncon pages. It will be held in Jyväskylä, 14. - 15.7.2007 and it's free.

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